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There's a rabbit on the moon, and he's probably super lonely. Gather feathers, avoid other avians, and make a new friend! 

This game, created for AIE Seattle's first Alphabet Jam, is the fruit of two devs' labor over about 16 hours of work. That has to be some kind of school record.

The concept is simple: You are a winged jackalope seeking to befriend the rabbit on the moon, but the sky is just FULL of things trying to take you down. Whoever called rabbits lucky was wrong!

The game is optimized for mobile devices and will be porting to the Android app store sometime over the summer of 2019, but for now, trust that it will run on the potatoiest Windows.

Navigate the sky by clicking the left and right of the screen. The more feathers you gather, the faster you'll go. Bump into anything, and you'll lose a feather. Lose all your extra feathers and you'll plummet to the ground!

Art by Destiny Aytes - @AytesDestiny 
Design and Programming by Xan Farley - luminous-monolith.com

AuthorXan Farley
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Cute, Flight, Pixel Art, silly, Space
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Download the .zip file. Unzip and launch the Application File inside. For best results, play at 800x600 resolution!


Luna Leporidae.zip 14 MB

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